Saturday, July 12, 2008

Disabled Iraqis

Whether you are pro-war or anti-war, there is something we can all agree on: the war has caused several innocent Iraqis many hardships.  Since the beginning of the war back in 2003, over 3 million people in Iraq have become disabled.  That is 1/7 of their population!!  These people do not have the resources that we have been blessed with here and as Americans, it is our duty to help in whatever way we can. 

One mission is The Free Wheelchair Mission which has donated over 9,000 wheelchairs to injured Iraqis.  This is a beautiful cause and anyone that can get involved, should.  This particular blog though is just to shed some light on the situation.  The war has been going on so long now that it's sometimes easy to forget that it's going on and that people are still being hurt all the time.

This war has done a lot to our fellow Americans, but because of it we now have 3 MILLION more fellow disabled people.  It's important for the nation to see these people and see that they're beating the odds.  The Iraqis have been working hard and will be at the parolympics in Beijing.  Let's root them on for overcoming things that some would never imagine possible.

I'll be writing just about every weekend from now on.  During the week I work and I'm usually very tired by the time I get home from work.  I leave for DC and the National Pageant next Monday.  I'm very excited but scared to death at the same time because I really want to represent Massachusetts as best I can.  Thanks so much to my friends and family for being so supportive of me!  Hopefully I'll have the best platform and best answers...for those of you that know me, it'll be a no-brainer that I'm going to have the best outfits and purses. Love you all! :)

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