Sunday, October 19, 2008

It has been too long!!

It has been waaaaay too long since I have updated this blog and I apologize.  I promise from now on, I'll be a lot better.

Let me start with Nationals which feels like forever ago.  I won the Tod Mullins Courage Award which was kinda cool, but more importantly I got to meet some really fabulous women.  I learned a lot from them and the opportunities that I have open to me that I hadn't realized before.  Since Nationals, things have been a little bit crazy. It feels like I'm working and going to school and doing homework all the time, so it gets a little tiring.

In August I got to speak at a fundraiser for a summer camp that I used to go to.  It was kind of weird being back at Double H because there were emotions that came out of me that I was not expecting.  Double H is the type of place where you receive more hugs and love in  a week than some people get in a lifetime.  I felt extremely honored to be able to share my feelings and experience with the donors there that night.  I think it really helped them see that the experiences at the camp really do stay with the campers forever.

Last month I was lucky enough to attend a Red Sox game with the Zola Center, so that was really cool.  Our seats were great and the group of people that were there were so nice.  This past week I went to a Girls Night Out for Partners for Youths with Disabilities and will be speaking at their gala in 2 weeks.

As the fall is starting to pick up, so is my schedule and I like it.  I want to be out in Massachusetts, New Hampshire and Rhode Island as much as possible.  Hopefully New Hampshire and Rhode Island can eventually develop their own programs. 

I have a some events coming up over the next couple of weeks, so I will be doing posts much more frequently.

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